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Derrick G., Atlanta GA. – Yelp Review

If you want someone who truly understands air quality and all the nuances associated with clean air, you have come to the right place. They are without question a notch above the rest. If anyone in your house has health issues related to the air in your house, you should hear what these folks have to say. Every service technician that has come to my home has been very courteous, very professional and very knowledgeable. They do not compromise on quality which is what I love about them. I am not one to normally give reviews like this but feel compelled to in this case.


My physician recommended Mead Indoor after diagnosing me with toxic mold exposure, which he believed had caused my chronic and persistent sinus infections for 20 years. Bill Meadows was prompt in coming to our house to examine the problem, and he took ample time to investigate the source of the mold infestation, caused by water leaking into our crawl space, and the extent of the contamination.


The work he recommended was expensive, but it was also comprehensive and worth every dollar. Mead stopped the water intrusion; cleaned with non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, all the mold growth on every surface of the crawl space and all our duct work; took apart one of our HVAC units and cleaned it; replaced the other HVAC unit with one designed specifically for our house and my air quality needs; and fumigated the entire house to eliminate mold spores lurking within. All the Mead employees who worked on this project were not only polite and well-mannered, but also were highly skilled at their jobs. As a result of this work, I have not had a sinus infection and barely a mild cold since this work was performed, a time of about 7 years! Mead has continued to service my HVAC units since this original work was done. Their work is of the highest quality, and Mead employees continue to be my favorites of all the service companies we use because of their promptness, dedication to task, efficiency, thoroughness, and concern for my satisfaction. I am grateful to have found Mead.

John & Cindy

My husband, John, and I first began working with Bill Meadows, founder of Mead Indoor EnvioTech, located in Marietta, Georgia, in December, 2004. We were referred to Bill by another patient when I was very ill and being treated for environmental illness at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas.


The referring patient was one of an entire family of patients whose health had been destroyed after unseen mold was left growing in their home following expensive but improper remediation of damage caused by a ruptured water line. They told me that Mead Indoor might seem more expensive initially, but would “do it right” and cost far less in the long run.

We were living on Lake Oconee near Greensboro, Georgia. We had already moved out of one home in which under-house mold had grown back within six months of treatment by another company. By the time I was in treatment in Dallas, we were living in a second home with again failed, very expensive, under-house mold treatment. In Dallas, I learned that my health and quality of life were critically dependent on having a healthy, mold-free environment in our home. We were very grateful that Mead Indoor was willing to travel from Marietta to Lake Oconee with an extremely efficient and effective team of workers to remediate our home.

All the prior costly and ineffective remediation work had conditioned us well. We believed that in the long run, the only way to solve the total environmental problem in our home was to invest the money necessary for Mead Indoor to “do it right.” Bill’s credentials, education, experience, professionalism, and commitment to the highest standards, impressed us. Bill educated us about what the remediation entailed and kept us thoroughly informed throughout the process. Even more, Bill’s pride in his team’s work and his clear dedication to the mission were obvious and much appreciated. To say we were extremely pleased with the work is an understatement. Our only regret is that we hadn’t known about Bill Meadows and Mead Indoor in the beginning. It would have saved us thousands of dollars in medical bills, wasted time, and ineffective mold treatment by other companies.

In fact, because of our excellent experience with Mead Indoor, in late 2007, when we knew we were moving from Georgia to Tennessee, our first call was to Bill Meadows. He once again saved us thousands of dollars as his consulting trips to Tennessee were critical to selecting a new home that could be brought up to his standards and maintained as an environmentally safe home.

Once our new home was purchased, Bill once again sent a full and strong team to prepare our new home environmentally. Under his direction, our new home was sealed from outside ground water, humidity controlled, moisture proofed, freed of mold and air-quality controlled, virtually eliminating all mold spores and other noxious particles. The moisture barrier in our extensive, eight-foot high “crawl space” is still a source of awe for plumbers, electricians and other workers having a need to enter the space.

With Mead Indoor’s initial preparation, semiannual maintenance visits, and with no additional major remediation expenses, our current home has remained a safe and healthy environment for eight years now.

To say the least, we are very grateful to Bill and his professional, caring and dedicated team. Without them, my quality of life would have suffered dramatically. So we say with heartfelt thanks, God bless Bill Meadows and Mead Indoor.

Best of the Best – Kudzu Review

Mold remediation is a serious business because mold is so dangerous. It was in my case when I was diagnosed with mold-induced hyperthyroidism in 2014 and was faced with 2 potential surgeries. Hiring a company that knew what it was doing was paramount, for mold counts in our 1960s crawlspace and basement were TNTC, too numerous to count. We needed something that would work quickly, efficiently, and permanently. 


Guided by recommendations from my doctors, one of whom is the leading thyroid specialist in the Southeast, we found what we were looking for: Mead Indoor. Not only is its founder, Bill Meadows, a trained scientist, he is also certified in Bau-Biologie, based on German principles that address the connection between a healthy home and a healthy life. As Germany is the world leader in health, I was impressed by the disciplines that informed the comprehensive solutions Bill designed for our home. To my knowledge, there is no other mold remediation company in Georgia that is as well educated or that employs the clearly advanced technology that Mead Indoor uses. Two months after remediation, my thyroid returned to normal and I had no need for surgery. I would like to add that Mead Indoor employees are highly skilled, deeply committed, and profoundly caring. The work they do is conscientious, fastidious, and impeccable. When making a routine inspection of the work that Mead Indoor had done, all the inspector could say was “Wow!”

C.J. – Yelp Review – Atlanta, GA.

What would you pay to have your health restored? It is priceless! For 30+ years I have suffered with sinus disease and never realized that my health would ever/could ever be restored this side of Heaven….but, with HUGE thanks to Mead Indoor (Bill, Rob, David, Joey, Chris, Gerga, Dwayne, Darrell, Leslie, Manuel, etc) – and for working in close conjunction with my physician – I am now able to live without antibiotics and steroids! It is an absolute miracle! Mead was knowledgeable, dedicated – and relentless – in solving any and all issues that were interfering with my health….


and little did I even realize that I even had a home/environment problem! That is another astounding part of this whole story! Never did it occur to me that I was living in the midst of 90% of my problem/cause! I could go on and on….but you get the idea. Mead is the best. Thanks seem so inadequate when you are truly an integral part of having restored my quality of life.

Rosa L –  Winchester, VA.

Although I discovered Mead rather late in my 30+ years in Atlanta, I am so glad I did find them, and I found Mead and Bill Meadows to be the best I have ever dealt with. All Mead employees and staff are friendly, conscientious, thorough, and well trained to do the work I have hired them to do. After having done business with another premier HVAC contractor in Atlanta for over 20 years, my doctor referred me to Mead to remedy a likely mold problem in my home, which turned out to be the case


Bill was careful and thorough in his investigation of the problem, and Mead solved it. I continued to use Mead to service my HVAC systems for the next 7 years. Not only did my health make a 180 degree turn around due to Mead’s extensive work, their maintenance kept the air quality in my house at optimum levels. The work done by Mead was a big selling point for my house in 2014 when I retired and moved out of state. I absolutely received top dollar for the house in large part because of Mead’s work. The buyer told me that his own allergies and sinus problems required him to have a house with optimum air quality, and I know he now is using Mead to service the equipment. Mead’s work may seem expensive, but my experience is that you pay for what you get. I never questioned the value of Mead’s work, and I am certain that I received the best that could be had in Atlanta. In addition to great remediation work, I found Mead to be tops in service and concern for the customer. I regretted greatly having to leave Mead upon my move out of state. I consider Bill Meadows and members of his staff to be my friends for life–they are such great people!

Reba Demers –  Thank You Letter

I just wanted to thank you so much for the professional job Mead Indoor did at our house. The quality and thoroughness in doing the job properly and completely, taking in all aspects of air quality into consideration, have been a huge benefit in protecting my health. Even though the initial cost was expensive, still today we have great air quality.


The first time we had the work done, we chose a far less expensive company because of our budget. However, in less than one year we were worse off than before. Thousands of dollars down the drain and they did nothing to remedy the situation.

Now after 8 years, we still have had NO problem with any of the work Mead Indoor did and any issue that has arisen was quickly and efficiently remedied. Mold issues must be dealt with expediently and Mead Indoor responds appropriately.

After years of dealing with health issues, it is a load off us to not have to worry about air quality anymore. Even maintenance is promptly and regularly done which gives additional peace of mind. I can now focus on just getting better. I highly recommend Mead Indoor to anyone who has mold related health issues. They are top notch and professional.

Even though, you and I have not always seen eye to eye, I know that I can trust that your desire is to provide a mold free environment for me and that the job will be done correctly. I am more than willing to speak with anyone that is considering using Mead Indoor and answer any questions they might have. Thank you and God bless you for educating yourself so well in this field.

Reba Demers

Steve W – Alpharetta, GA.

We moved into a brand new house. About 12 months into living in the house, my wife came down with a very serious sinus condition. 18 months several doctors until we happened along to a doctor that nailed the issue. He said we had a mold problem in our house. Yes brand spanking new home. She had such a bad sinus problem it required surgery to drain the issues next to the brain.


Our doctor recommended two firms. We met with both but I decided to go a lower cost route and started the cleanup with one of my standard work crews……but my wife was not getting any better. The doctor kept recommending Bill and the boys at Mead. We brought them in and went through the inspections and understood the potential problem areas. Darrell (sp?) and crew came in and did a fantastic job.   Ripped out everything HVAC, insulation and added all the new equipment needed.

Yes, they are on the pricey prepared. That being said, my wife went from being in bed for 18 months……. to no problems and healthy again. The return on investment was happy wife…. happy life, which is pretty precious.

We use the annual service and it’s paid off. I find out about problems ahead of time and they have covered them in warranty.

Take a look at my other reviews. I’m certainly not a family member, friend of the family just recommending a great business for those in the need of quality HVAC work. Very good to work with the team and have zero complaints (other than I’m cheap)

Lynn H – Kudzu Review

Saved my husband’s health

Bill Meadows, the owner of Mead, was referred to us by my husband’s doctor. Our house was full of mold, moisture, allergens, etc… The renovations were significant to provide a allergen free environment. They took out all of our duct work, insulation, and heating/air systems. We needed structural work, new grading for the landscape, new supports under the house.


It was a massive job. Mead could not have been more professional, kind, or thorough. They were always on time, neat, clean and efficient. Their work basically saved my husband’s health. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Connie – Thank You Letter

As you know I had the misfortune of dealing with two different remediation companies in Florida who both promised me that they understood the precautions needed for someone dealing with mold illness. Needless to say, they did not and those that experience left me very distrustful. Because of this, I constantly questioned and doubted you and your protocol. But, you did exactly what you promised to give me a safe place to heal and get well.


And through it all, you have been extraordinarily patient and gracious with me. Now I realize that comparing Mead to these other companies was not even apples to oranges , it was apple to turkeys ( you guys are the apples)! 🙂

Everyone that came to the house was also incredibly kind and helpful. They may not have fully understood why I couldn’t go in the house, but no one ever treated me as if I was crazy.   Every single person treated me with nothing but respect and kindness, which was a welcome change from past.


I have tears of joy and gratitude on my cheeks as I write this, and I hope I have conveyed how deeply grateful we are for y’all.   I’m working on my southernisms.   I think I use that right. 🙂 What you all do is much bigger than fixing houses, to give people their health and their lives back!! Thank you!!




PS: Carol and Carl are just as deeply grateful, but I hope that I summed it up perfectly!

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